Dance with the Birds!

My adorable two-year-old granddaughter, Lyla Rain, and I had bath time while we toddler-talked about noses, ears, and little toes.  Afterwards, we took pails full of tub water out to water the garden. As I conservatively watered, Lyla was splashing the water everywhere.  Suddenly a flock of Pinyon jays flew right over our heads. As it passed, Lyla spontaneously began cooing and cawing and screeching. Whether she was imitating their song or calling to them, I’m not sure.

Her sounds were loud and uninhibited.  As her wide-eyed cherubic face lit up like the rays of the sun, she danced around — celebrating her experience of the flight of the flock. Unselfconsciously and exuberantly she sang her elation. Energetically, I could feel her become one with the birds, and I swear I wouldn’t have been surprised if she sprouted wings, spread them out, and took flight.

I was moved to tears by her presence and by her immediate declaration of delight of that which was happening in the here and now.  Even her water play took second place. As she looked to me, still flapping her little arms, I could hear her wonder, “Why aren’t you singing and dancing, Nana?”  Right then and there, I became aware of how adult I am.  Did I ever have that exuberation?  I’m not sure, but I sure want it now, don’t you?


Find some music that you enjoy, put it on loud, even louder!… and dance. Dance like there is nothing to do, nowhere to go.  Dance like this is the last and only opportunity you will ever have to dance. Dance with freedom and joy. Make some noise, if you feel so inclined.  Now, Lyla Rain wants to know…don’t you feel better? 

What music do you love to dance to?

~Now there’s nothing left but to keep dancing.  Author Unknown~

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