Grace and Ease

orange cardJust the sound of the word demand can make you shiver; outer demands, inner demands, other demands, self-demands! Whew! Your days are full; running from breakfast to lunch to dinner with numerous snacks in between. Three loads of laundry are folded on the couch; then your child’s messy bathtub play magically creates more laundry.


The phone rings, your friend needs your help and the cat spit up on the floor. The baby’s nose is stuffy. Your tea is cold. And so it goes day after day. The fluidity and fast pace of a mother’s day is legend.

sfsc logoTODAY take a moment and feel a bubble of energy around you, like a beautiful glowing ball of light. Imagine this protective sphere is pulsing with clear oxygen. Like the movement of air produced by fan, this oxygen is effortlessly circulating all around you.

bubbleNow imagine that you are flowing like the stream of air, fluidly and easily. As you bask in the luminous light and free-flowing air, visualize that an invisible power moves with you, helping you travel through your day with a sense of magical grace and ease.

~Taken from Bless You Mom E-Book~

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