Gateways to the Soul

inner strength cardThe eyes are sometimes referred to as the “gateways to the soul;” the windows that reveal the depth and wisdom in another human being.

eyesIn many cultures, people are taught to avoid making deliberate eye contact with other people. Some cultures, like indigenous natives, believe that to look directly into another’s eyes is equivalent to stealing the soul. As a result of conditioning and beliefs, our eyes are constantly moving taking in our surroundings yet not focusing on another’s eyes for very long. This custom can be different at home, with those we love like our child.


Your child’s eyes reflect innocent, yet deep wisdom; their clarity and openness accentuating and highlighting their beauty. That sense of wonder you witness in your child also exists in you. Let the gaze between you be a reflection of your own innate strength and splendor.

sfsc logoTODAY stand in front of a mirror (or better yet, sit and hold a hand mirror) and make eye contact with yourself for one minute. Deliberately look into your own eyes. If your focus moves to noticing the bags under your eyes, the pimples on your face or that you need a haircut, redirect your focus back to your eyes. Your breath will help you stay connected to your own gaze. Keep breathing and looking.

mirrorCould it be you are the very one you’ve been looking for?  I’d love to know what you see!

~Taken from Bless You Mom E-Book~

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