me (2)Harmony Rose West

  • Author, Soul-Full Self-Care Series
  • Author, Bless You Mom Inspirational Card Deck and E-Book
  • Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Master of Arts in Shamanic Arts, Institute of Shamanic Synthesis
  • Advanced Food Healing Instructor
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner
  • Parenting, Self-Care, Food as Medicine Coach

Harmony is such a gem to the Santa Fe family community.  In my seven years here, her name has come up time and time again as a wonderful guide for parents and educator for children through her various practices and services. In my own experience with her, through her workshops in self-healing, leading a mother’s circle and personal parenting counseling, she has helped me nurture myself, feel more aligned with my authentic self and act in a more heart-centered way as a mother.~ Mama Adrienne

On the very first day of grade school, I knew I would become a teacher. At recess, as I was climbing across the monkey bars, I got stuck in the middle. It was too far down to jump off, and I feared I would fall if I continued.  As the other children taunted me, I began to cry. Then, like a cool breeze, Mrs. Barton hoisted me down assuring me I was just fine. She magically planted a seed of compassion that day which grew roots deep into my heart, and became the fruitful tree of my life and my passions.

A large part of my life’s work has been teaching children and those who love them. I have helped young children cultivate healthy core beliefs; those inner ideas we all hold about ourselves and the world. I founded, then for twenty years owned and operated my own school, Magical Child Playschool. The school earned National Accreditation by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children).

I have been Parent Coaching alongside my work in the school for a few decades now. Though I adore teaching very young children, I currently choose to spend more of my time making a positive impact in my community and in family’s lives by helping mothers navigate through the challenges of raising children in our complex world.

More About Me:

  • I am in the WiseWoman Crone stage of my own life. I bring the deep wisdom of 30 years serving and guiding women and children, and almost 60 years of dedicated study and practice in taking care of myself on many different levels, to my work in the world. I have birthed three children who have birthed five of their own and I am so blessed with being able to be a Grandmother. Wow! Being a Nana is one of the most intense joys of my life!
  • I founded Magical Child Playschool, a preschool which earned NAEYC accreditation. For twenty years, I taught children two to five years old, as well as directed the school.
  • I have mentored and guided hundreds of mothers, coaching and teaching effective skills needed to raise happy, healthy and highly functional children.
  • I facilitate Girls Core Empowerment Circles, Mothers Medicine Circles, and WiseWoman Crone Circles. In these circles, we focus on the value of self-care and self-love in differing stages of women’s lives and reap the deep, life affirming, and cumulative benefits of sharing Circle together.
  • My Soul-Full Self-Care Series was a blast to write!  What began as one book, unfolded into four caches of self-care medicine.  Calm Down, Get Grounded, Nurture Yourself and Celebrate Now! will support you in building a toolbox chocked full of self-care, self-love and presencing tools.
  • Bless You Mom: Conscious Thoughts for the Mothering Journey is a deck of affirmation cards I developed with my dear friend Elizabeth. These cards are designed to inspire and uplift Mothers, even in the most difficult moments. This beautifully crafted deck of cards won the Mother’s Choice Award for the most inspirational and motivational product of 2008. I expanded on these thoughts in the E-book of the same name,
  • I studied and became a certified Energy Medicine Facilitator under the mentorship and training of the founder of Eden Energy Medicine, Donna Eden, and her amazing staff. I hold valuable tools in my heart and head that serve to strengthen and heal the subtle energy systems of women and children.
  • Food is life, and food is medicine. With forty-five years of food education, I weave my knowledge and experience into easy to implement ideas for health and well-being for every age group. I have studied raw foods, macrobiotics, Weston Price, superfoods, fermented foods, traditional Japanese foods and so much more. I have been a vegan, a vegetarian, and an omnivore.  As an Advanced Food Healing Instructor, I help educate people about how and what to eat to bring themselves into balance and health.  My newest baby, is an offering of medicinal mushroom teas and tinctures
  • With my heart open, I create the safe space people need to heal, learn and grow.

I feel blessed to be living and working in my passions in this amazing time, the second half of my life. I still adore my partner of 35 years. Age has relaxed, mellowed, and ripened me. Acceptance and gratitude have become daily medicines, and carefully tending to my inner self fuels my vitality and well-being. I feel deeply committed to guiding mothers and their children to feel less stress, more connection, easier communication and to be happier with their lives. 

It will be my honor and my pleasure to serve you too!


Harmony Rose