Many health professionals are now recommending wireless bras since more attention is being paid to the health hazards of having metal on your chest, day in and day out. The wire sits on what are called Neurolymphatic Reflex points. These points are right under both breasts and both energy and lymph fluid naturally move through these tissues but may get blocked due to continual exposure to the wire in your bra.


In a class with Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women, she educated us that both metal and plastic underwires have the same challenge. They clog energies which need to flow freely and can cause all kinds of health problems.


If all of your bras have underwires in them, it’s time to go shopping for new bras that do NOT have wires in them!  More and more bras are becoming available that are wire-less and comfortable. Switching to wearing wireless bras is a strong step to take for optimal health!

Whether your bra has wires or not, do you need to wear a bra every single minute of the time you are home? That doesn’t mean going bra-less out in public, if you aren’t comfortable, but what if after dinner, you took this over-the-shoulder boulder-holder off and let your energy flow more freely in that area of your body?

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Whenever you take any bra off, take 30-60 seconds and massage under your breasts. Put your fingers into a cluster and massage in small circles on the neurolymphatic reflex areas under each breast. Massage under each breast every time you take your bra off. If this area feels tender, don’t stop. The tenderness means that you will benefit from this simple nurturing massage.

~Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches. Alice Roosevelt Longsworth~


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