Bare Those Feet!

I just moved to a beautiful piece of land 30 minutes north of Santa Fe, La Cueva Creek. It was a dry little arroyo creek bed when we arrived, but it’s been raining for about five days now. The rain has turned this dry creek bed into a raging river, so full that it took out part of the dirt road that goes to my house. So, I’ve been kind of stranded, if you will, but in a good way. It has helped me to really appreciate the energy of the land and has given me time to stop and feel the earth under my feet. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, at the bottom of the foot there’s a point at the beginning of the kidney meridian called the wellspring of life or gushing spring. It’s this point which really helps to establish our connection to the earth, to feel safe and less fearful. Energy from the earth is carried up the kidney meridian, to other meridians, supporting our health and well-being. As I stand barefoot outside on our land, the moisture is palpable, and the air is clean and crisp. As I take a deep breath and bring my awareness to my feet, I can feel an exchange of energy happening between me and our planet. I feel grateful for the connection I have (we all have) to the earth. I believe if we could see this energy, and some can, we would see our gushing spring well up to overflowing. We would see that just like we have a relationship with trees (what we exhale, they thrive on and vice versa), we have a very real relationship with the earth. This exchange is what we refer to when we speak about earthing or grounding. When we get wrapped up in our heads – thinking, thinking, thinking, we need to be outside. We are all healthier with a good dose of earth-touch

. HRW_SFSC_orange Find a piece of earth, somewhere, anywhere near where you live. Remove your shoes and socks and stand on that earth. Bring your attention to the bottom of your feet, to your gushing spring. Imagine you are a tree and that roots grow from your feet, anchoring you to the earth. Feel how strongly rooted you are to the earth as you stand there. As you go on about your day, remember, no matter what happens your roots are there to help you stay grounded. Like a tree, you will be flexible and able to withstand the storms that come your way, because you are aware of the relationship you have with the planet. Stay in tune with this relationship by walking barefoot as much as you possibly can. ~The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu~

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