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aaaAs I write now, I am listening to the album, “Feeling Good Today. Satnam Kaur and her children’s choir are delightfully singing a song named “I am Blessed. I sing along and welcome the magical and peaceful tone these lyrics call into my day…

energyToday, the sun has risen and with it, the start of a new day. Today, you are able to savor its warmth. Today, you are here.  With this new day comes a clean slate, if you choose to think of it that way. Yesterday has passed. Today is new. Tomorrow is yours to create.

Years ago, I read the book If Not Now, When? by Reverend Wayne Muller. In his book, he suggests that today might be your last day on the planet, so why not live as though it is?  I have brought that idea into many of my days, and the influence has been profound.  When I live a day as though it could be my last, I find I am more present, loving, and kind.

If you are reading this, you are blessed. You likely have plenty to eat, clothes on your back with many more in the closet, and a nice warm bed in a nice warm house.  Not everyone is so blessed.  It could do us all some good to remember that.


HRW_SFSC_orangeChoose a word that reflects your gratitude for yet another day, your gratitude for your blessings, and your gratitude for your life. Choose a word that will inspire you and guide you to live your day with purpose, like it’s your last day on earth. Let this word become your blessed word of the day: blessed, peace, ease, friendship, love, caring, generosity… you get the idea.  If it helps you to remember, write it down; write it on your calendar, leave a note on your bathroom mirror, set it as the background on your phone, do whatever you need to remind yourself.  Having a Blessed Word of the Day is a sweet act of celebration.  

~What can I do to always remember who I am ? Juan Ramon Jiminez~

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