Massage Those Shoulders!

Do you feel like steel bars are imbedded in those shoulders of yours? Why do you insist on carrying the weight of the whole world on your shoulders?! Many of us are in the same boat, holding tightness, tension and discomfort.
How awesome would it be to have someone massage all that stress away? Since everyone else is busy, maybe you could stop and offer this bit of self-care to yourself.
A few focused minutes here and there of conscious massage is a wonderful thing.
Try it!

Cross one arm over your chest, place it on your opposite shoulder and rub away for an entire minute. Make some noises: moan, grunt, and let the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ out…you know you want to.
Breathe in deep, rich breaths and exhale your newfound relief.
Now switch sides and take another minute, a full sixty seconds.
Two whole minutes just for you…precious self-care time. After these two blissful minutes, notice how much lighter your load is.
The benefits of these quick massages are cumulative. A quick massage today, another tomorrow and before you know it, those shoulders will feel more and more tended to.
As you re-enter your day, try to keep your shoulders down and a bit more relaxed. Remember, you don’t have to carry it all!

~One key to knowing joy is being easily pleased. Author Unknown~

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