WiseWoman Circles

Available in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Wise-Woman-Crone-Circles-Harmony-rose-WellnessWiseWomanWays…Journeys for Women over 50


A Crone is a WiseWoman…wizened by the years she has lived, expanded and deepened by the experiences she has walked, and ripened with the wisdom gathered along the way.

The second half of life is a unique time when the womb’s energy turns inward. The SILVER Gate (the first of 8 metaphorical gates*) represents all we have yet to discover about ourselves.  This threshold heralds an exciting time when we birth a more mature, wise Self. We will have a full day of circle, nature, creativity along with a WiseWoman Ceremony to initiate you into this powerful time of your life.

The SILVER GATE Journey, Sunday, April 2, 9am-5pm (8 women maximum)

$99 if paid by March 25, $149 after March 25,(includes all materials & a vegetarian soup lunch)

PRE-REGISTER: Call Harmony at 989-3804 or harmonyrosewest@earthlink.ne

*The Eight Gates of Wisdom

The second half of life is a powerful time in a woman’s life.  Our culture reveres the Maiden (youth) but the WiseWoman or Crone is basically unacknowledged, unexplored and uncelebrated in the western world.  Let’s face it…turning 50 means we are walking towards the end of our lives.  We benefit greatly from spending time with other women gathering and polishing the jewels of wisdom we have cultivated in the first half of life.

Many world wisdoms point to eight metaphorical gates of initiation we pass through to mature into WiseWoman-hood.  These gates are archetypal passageways meant to explore and deepen our experience of life in our later years.  Each gate offers powerful wonderings and tools to deep our maturing perspective.

The lessons offered at each of the 8 gates, prepare us for our initiation into elderhood.  (Each of these gates will be its own WiseWomanWays Workshop-the first, the SILVER GATE is on April 2)

  1. The SILVER GATE challenges us to invite new experiences into our lives. We are no longer spring chickens and life is offering new perspectives to gestate and become.
  2. The WHITE PICKET GATE asks us to reflect on the roles we have played earlier in life and to learn to assume the new role of elder. What is the essence of what we have lived thus far?
  3. The CLAY GATE urges us to care for enjoy our bodies, even as we come to terms with its limitations. Our bodies are machines and have been worked hard and will, eventually, stop working.  How do we honor and treat this vessel?
  4. At the BLACK AND WHITE GATE we learn to deepen our relationships in more deep and intimate and ways. We put our inner child to rest while we live more fully in our adult.
  5. The RUSTIC GATE encourages us to use our creativity to enhance our lives, contribute to our communities and leave a lasting legacy. Creativity can take many forms.
  6. At the BONE GATE, we develop the courage to authentically be ourselves in the world. If not now, when?  We are the ones we have been waiting for.
  7. The NATURAL GATE calls us to replenish our souls in silence and in nature and to take time for reflection. This is not necessarily the time the time of life for increasing its speed.
  8. The GOLD GATE offers practices of non-attachment and prepares for our passing from the world. Accepting death as the inevitable is deeply healing.

Much of my inspiration is drawn from teachings of Angeles Arrien and Jean Shinoda Bolen

Gather the women, save the world

~Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD~