Parent Coaching and Education

Sixty Minute Sessions available in person, by phone or Skype

You would like parenting your child to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.  And as you well know, it can also be one of the most challenging experiences, even on a good day.  With no training, you are doing your best to a raise a healthy and happy child in the fast-paced world of today. Truthfully, there are many different internal and external factors that impact your parenting. Together, we can reveal patterns, support positive change, and bring your parenting skills up to the challenge. When you become a skilled and supported parent, everyone wins, children, families, communities, and the world!

What is Parent Coaching?

dailyIn a Parent Coaching session, we focus on relationship-based parenting which is the relationship you have with both yourself and with your child. I weave my knowledge of child development, attachment theory, temperaments, communication skills, and more into the sessions. You gather important skills and valuable tools to help you become the parent you want to be!

During a Parent Coaching session, you will learn skills to help you:

  • Heal places from your childhood that are impacting you in unconscious ways
  • Re-prioritize your life so that you are more deeply nourished and therefore are more capable of nourishing others
  • Thrive with more support systems in your life
  • Benefit from learning how to set boundaries and following through on those you set
  • Communicate in ways that will help you and your family
  • Overcome a specific problem you are facing

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Parent Coaching and Education

$65.00 — $200.00


Kind Words of Gratitude:

Not only has Harmony provided an extremely nurturing, guided, and solid childcare environment for two of our three children but she has also been an extremely influential guide for our parenting. Her guidance and insight has shaped our parenting beyond words. Harmony has been and still is a very influential person in our lives. We would not be the family unit we are today without the guidance of Harmony!
~Mama Jill

My daughters have thrived in Harmony’s care. Harmony is, without a question, the best choice our family has made in the upbringing of our daughters. Through her loving guidance and playful wisdom, they have developed truly meaningful skills to weave into their experiences, like self-love, deep listening, and how to be a good friend. In this modern world with so many stresses, Harmony is able to reconnect us to what really matters. She is such a sweet role model for my growing girls.
~Mama Jamie