Self-Care Coaching and Education

Sixty Minute Sessions available in person, by phone or Skype

  • Do you dread getting out of bed and facing your day?
  • Do you fear that if you slow down and take care of yourself everything will fall apart?
  • Do you feel you are great at caring for others but don’t take time to care for yourself?
  • Do you willfully ignore that inner voice that cries out to you for rest and rejuvenation? 
  • Are you tired of being your own only support system? 
  • Do you model healthy self-care habits for your children?

When you push yourself beyond your natural, healthy levels of endurance, the signal you send to the world is not the one you think you are sending.  You are increasing your stress, and others sense that. When you attempt to nurture when you are not nurtured yourself, what you transmit toshanta_flower others is your stress, not true nurture. When you keep moving from early morning to late at night, you may be signaling to others that you feel invincible and don’t need support, when in truth you do. We all do.

The shadow self loves to tell you that you are not worthy of rest, pleasure, or a life that includes deep self-care.  But you are worthy of taking care of yourself because of who you are not what you do.  You can release the illusion that you must be superwoman by sheer grit and sacrifice, and become a self nurtured and happy superwoman!  The naked truth is you are a human being, not a human doing.  Females aren’t designed to stay continually in the masculine mode of doing.  You have a built-in feminine need to stop, replenish and refill your well.  And, when you nurture yourself, the nurture and care you offer others becomes deep, rich and authentic.

Take a soft sidestep inward and become your own Mother, your own nurturer.  Learn to care for yourself as well as you think you care for everyone else, and the quality of their care will increase as well. It’s a true win/win! I will tell you how.

What is Self-Care Coaching?

In a Self-Care Coaching session, we focus on the relationship you have with you.  Immediately you get the warmth and comfort of an ally, me, complete with my chock-full toolbox of self-care tools.  You gather important skills and tools to help you nurture yourself with deep self-care and respect. And guess what? You then become truly capable of authentic, deep care and respect for others as well.

During a coaching session, you will learn skills to help you:

  • Commit to a vision of self-care
  • Feel much less stressed and much more content
  • Strengthen yourself easily in a few minutes here and a few minutes there
  • Balance the diverse areas of your life
  • Build a toolbox of Self-Care tools
  • Increase mindfulness, become more aware and present
  • Breathe deeper, the body’s natural built-in stress reducer
  • Increase your sense of gratitude
  • Feel more grounded and centered in the flow


Ignite a light in your heart that says “I matter!”  Make a commitment to honor yourself. Be a part of a new paradigm for women, where Self-Care is a solid foundation.  Don’t wait!  Two hearts and heads are more powerful than one!

Invest in yourself and schedule a Self-Care Coaching Session today!

Self-Care Coaching and Education

$65.00 — $200.00


 “There is a great inner strength to be found in showing mercy to yourself and in allowing yourself to be an example to other women by showing them that all humans are worthy of rest and pleasure. The example you set through making time for your needs will liberate you and every other woman who looks to you for guidance. The excuse that you do not have the time or the space to be nurtured will harm more people than yourself, giving the Shadow the upper hand.”  Walks Tall Woman: Clan Mother of the Eleventh Moon Cycle