Crown Pull

Can you believe how busy your mind is? It has been said that the average human thinks 50-60,000 thoughts a day? (Just how is that measured?!) The majority of those thoughts are negative (I’m not good enough…she doesn’t understand me…there’s not enough time in the day) and regurgitated. That means we are thinking the same crummy thoughts over and over and over again. We are swimming in the caca of our own minds!


When you feel like your head is congested from too much thinking and you’re wishing there was more room in that little noggin of yours, do a crown pull. This nurturing energy exercise also stimulates blood flow to your head, strengthens your memory and can help alleviate headaches.

You can do a quick ten second crown pull or you can take a few minutes and give your head a real treat.

sfsc logoSit comfortably and take a few breaths. Bring both hands up to your head with your thumbs pointing towards your ears and the fingers of both hands touching.

Inhale and as you exhale, pull your fingers down as if your head was a walnut and you were breaking it into two pieces. (This is my teacher, Donna Eden, doing a crown pull!)

crown pullPressure feels good. Pull your fingers down to your ears. Inhale and reposition them on the top of your head a little further back and pull again as you exhale. Keep pulling your fingers apart with each exhale until you get to the nape of your nape. Give a few extra pulls here. Notice how open your head feels!

Now, is it possible to give those negative thoughts the day off? 

~Remember to be your own best friend and look within for the source of all Love. Be true to yourself and all else will follow. Shanta Gabriel~


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