Another NEW Beginning – SOUL-FULL Self-Care!

HRW_SFSC_orangeNew beginnings always feel so good.  The beginning of the year is a time to start over, recommit, let go of the past.  Face forward, take a few deep breaths and start walking with a little spring in your step!  A new season, a fresh nest, a new year…  The energy of a fresh start can be exhilarating.

Would you like to take better care of yourself this year?  Would you like to learn skills that will calm the stress response in your body?  How about using your thoughts to calm or reassure you?  Could you use some grounding…some direct connection with the planet you live on?  How about celebrating the abundance you already have?

My blogs will explore how to take ONE or TWO minutes, here and there to learn SOUL-FULL Self-Care!  Using your hands, mindfulness and the power of your thoughts, you will learn tools that will significantly impact your self-care and keep your energies healthy and strong. Taking care of yourself, mothering yourself is the best gift you can give yourself.  Self-care is the ultimate self-love.

Right now…Welcome this New Brand New Day!  Wake up!  This is it! Whether it’s the warmth of the sun that kisses you awake or the blaring of your alarm, it’s here, today is here. It’s time to welcome the wonder of this brand new day.

Instead of wrestling through the grogginess, instead of dreading the workload you have to get through today, instead of anticipating your awaiting struggles, enjoy the fact that you are given the chance to live another day. You are able to experience this day and all its beauty, you are able to invite new experiences, to create new opportunities, to love, listen and live.  Today is a chance to begin again. Greet it with arms wide open. Embrace it with the deepest welcome.

SOUL-FULL Self-Care:  First thing in the morning, walk outside and stand barefoot on the earth (or imagine you are outside). Take a deep breath. Do it again. Breathe in this new day and exhale any worries or problems. Then, bend down and touch the earth. Say a prayer, a word of thanks, admiration and appreciation to her:  “Dear Mother, thank you for all the bounty you provide to all of us.  Food, water, air, trees…we are so dependent on you.  I deeply thank you for all the ways you contribute to my life.”  Stand up and feel your feet planted firmly on her back.

Now reach up overhead with both arms open wide, declare your anticipation for this day as you stretch and reach towards the sky:  “Source of all things, Creator, Father Sky you who are called a thousand names yet are truly nameless, I deeply thank you as I welcome the synchronicities and miracles of this day. “  Exhaling, lower your arms and bring your hands to your heart and feel the marriage of the earth and sky in your heart chakra.

Don’t you agree that connecting with Mother Earth and Father Sky at the beginning of your day is a sacred act of SOUL-FULL-Self-Care?

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.  Rachel Carson


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  1. Hey, Harmony!
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family. Lila and I had a great time in Italy, but are now stuck in the O’Hare airport, with no end in sight. (too cold–all flights grounded). So I’m trying to register Lila for some new things this semester. I tried to get info on the girls circle on your website, but failed. When are the circles taking place? How much is the series? And do you have any space for a soon-to-be 8 year old?

    xo Kirsten

    • Italy! I’m half Italian and have never been…I am curious to learn more. The holidays were great…Glorieta is gorgeous but cold.