Hold On to Your Head!

HRW_SFSC_orangeWhen your inner warrior, called Triple Warmer in Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes there are tigers to be fought, he is armed and dangerous and you feel stressed, anxious and out-of-control. Blood drains out of your head and into your limbs because your instincts tell you may have to run… or fight!

Right over each eye, in the middle of your forehead are neurovascular reflex points which calm the nervous system and can be used to reprogram emotional and mental responses to stress and trauma. These are great points to hold for any emotional overwhelm.

Soul-Full Self-Care:  Place your open, flat palm on your forehead while thinking of your stressor – or don’t think of it, it’s up to you. Then, place your other flat palm on the back of your head. Take in a few deep breaths – breath in, receive the air, and then slowly breathe out. Try and hold your forehead long enough so that you can start to feel a pulse underneath your hands. That’s a sign that blood is coming back into your forebrain. This is a good thing. It means that your body is exiting its elevated triple warmer state and realizing that it doesn’t have to run or fight.

Please…I would love to know if this was useful…and what other strategies you use to calm down!

~When under, remember the surface.  When on the surface, remember the deep.  Author Unknown~

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