Listen with an Open Heart

green cardWe all are born with one mouth and two ears; could that be that it serves us more to listen than to talk? Listening is not a passive activity; it is an active state of engagement. It is a loving way to share energy and pay attention to the spaces between the words. Active listening is seeking to understand rather than first needing to be understood. Deep listening is like a mirror’s reflection; I truly see you for who you are and what you need. I honor that reflection.

sfsc logoTODAY at least once, experiment with active listening. For example, your child asks you to read a story. Instead of explaining that first you need to cook dinner…stop! Hear that he wants you to read a book.

Get on your child’s level and make eye contact. Smile and feel your heart open. Lovingly, share your truth: “You want me to read to you right now.” Stay right there for a few beats before you add, “I am cooking dinner. Bring your book in the kitchen and look at it while I cook. As soon as dinner is over, I will read to you. Thanks for understanding.”

~Taken from Bless You Mom E-Book~

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