Mushroom Mama Tea

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MushroomMama’s Products:

  • Immune Warrior Tea
  • Supreme Balance Tea
  • Cacao Power Tea
  • Bone Builder Tea
  • Golden Stamina Tea


  • Immune Warrior Tincture
  • Chaga Tincture
  • Cordyceps Tincture
  • Maitake Tincture
  • Red Reishi Tincture
  • Shiitake Tincture

Made from all Organic or Wildcrafted Ingredients

Medicinal mushrooms, typically attached to trees or their roots, are some of the most powerful herbs in the world. Their cellular constituents are said to profoundly improve the quality of human health. Early on, indigenous peoples discovered these plants were exceptionally good at preventing and curing infection. Although most are too tough to eat, native peoples discovered that when boiled, a rich tea with health strengthening effects and antimicrobial properties could be made.

14px;”>Praise: I have had the Immune Warrior tea EVERY single day since I received it!  I got instantly and happily addicted to it and find it to be delicious and invigorating!  I used to start my day with coffee and now I start my day with a tea that feels so much better for my body.  I’ve given it to a bunch of friends all who give it rave reviews!  Thank you Harmony Rose for this fabulous creation!  Betsy, Iowa