Penetrating What?!

Last night, singing with my local choir was a deep exhale of trauma and stress…it was pure heaven. The two facilitators guided a gaggle of folks who love to sing…no papers, no reading music…instead encouragement to feel the music in your body, open up your instrument, and a focus on self-awareness. What’s not to love?

As I sang and made eye contact with other women (and the few awesome men, but it is overwhelming populated with women) my heart was overflowing with joy like I experience hanging with my grandchildren.

All our voices are necessary and they matter.

Singing engages The Penetrating Flow, one of the body’s Radiant Circuits.  The Radiant Circuits are one of the body’s nine energy systems.  You know when a Radiant Circuit is activated within you because you feel joy…like watching a sunset, seeing a baby, touching your heart cuz something makes you want to sing out with joy!  But the radiant circuits are struggling cuz they get squashed down by stress…we need to continually dump our crap cuz it is hurting us to stay stressed out.  And we can intentionally activate the Radiant Circuits.

The Penetrating Flow starts down there where you think it would start, at your perineum, and travels up our trunk ending at the roof of our mouth.  As we pull up on the pelvic floor, engaging those muscles, we activate the Penetrating Flow.  It’s as though our torso is a giant pail with the bottom of it being the pelvic floor.  Pulling up those muscles (kegels) strengthens the Penetrating Flow, allowing the universal energies to come through us.  Singing pulls up the Penetrating Flow and engages it fully, sending that energy up to the cosmos!

A simplistic explanation of why singing (and laughing) activates the Penetrating Flow…put your car music on loud and sing away!

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