Bless You Mom Aspen Flower Essence Spray

Bless You Mom Aspen Flower Essence Spray


Bless You Mom Aspen Flower Essence Spray:
Sometimes we feel afraid but don’t know why. This fear may haunt us day or night. Maybe we are afraid to tell our troubles to others. Children are prone to these feelings and can express them through nightmares and other fears. Aspen, also known as Quaking Aspen because of the way its leaves flutter in the breeze, quiets the astral body so the conscious self can strengthen and mature. It builds trust and confidence in the face of the unknown.

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The Aspen Spray has been wonderful for my tentative child. After using the Aspen spray regularly at bedtime for several weeks, my child has begun to show a more self-confident outgoing persona: A child who does not hide behind me when meeting new people…a child who can say hello and is more willing to go into new social situations without a lot of fear. We also have had a reduction in night waking and nightmares. I love the Aspens Spray and I am grateful we found it. Andrea from Santa Fe

A few years back my toddler daughter was struggling with sleeping at night. She would wake up agitated numerous times during the night and have difficulty falling back to sleep. Harmony recommended her Aspen spray. I noticed that my daughter began to have more ease with her sleep. She became more regulated and calm. She then began to sleep for much longer stretches of time.Francie from Santa Fe

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