What is SOUL-FULL Self-Care?

HRW_SFSC_orangeAs I race through my days like most loyal westerners, I find myself often cruise-controlling at break-neck speed. Not only am I on the verge of going too fast but there is far too much coming at me too quickly – too much information, world news, duties, & how-tos, the needs of partners and relationships, too much noise, work, music, consumerism, too much!

How and where do we fit ourselves into this overload? How do we juggle all of this with our own health and well-being? In a recent parent coaching session, I encouraged the mother to take some time to care for herself. She looked at me exasperated and cried, “When?! I hardly have time to brush my teeth!” This isn’t only the truth for parents but for most people in general.

Getting a manicure or a massage, having a cup of tea and taking a bath are all wonderful ways to take care of your body. But in today’s galloping paced world, we could surely use a variety of intentional acts of self-care. Ones that each take only one or two minutes to do, yet effectively nurture our spirit. We need simple rituals that can easily bring us back to the present moment, the now, where all of our power is.

luvSOUL-FULL Self-Care is just that. Using the healing energy of your hands and your thoughts, you can release stress, calm yourself down, and ground and center yourself. In just a minute or two!

I am past the busy child-rearing phase of my life and have more time, yet, like many of you, my days fill up too often, and somehow I am back to overflowing. One way or another, I’m back to giving ‘til my own well is nearly dry. These one minute intentional acts of self-care keep me balanced, strong and capable. They fill my well where and when I need it.

Without filling up our own wells, we steal from ourselves to give to others. Taking time to tend to our own needs, to our health, and to our core desires so that we can continue on our unique and personal journey, that’s self-care. Giving our divine bodies and energy systems priority in our lives, that’s self-care. Choosing to nurture ourselves in little ways on a moment to moment, day-to-day basis, that’s self-care.

Not only is self-care effective in the moment, it is also proactive, helping to eliminate the risk of having to tend to massive wounds down the road. And, perhaps most importantly, it allows us to continue nurturing others, but not at our own expense.

To be the caretaker, to be the go-getter, to be the mover and the shaker, lovingthe lover and the champion of the environment, the motivator, the creator, the giver – to be who we are in this life and to offer all that we were put here to offer, it’s imperative that we all learn to make self-care a priority. SOUL-FULL Self-Care will show you how, simply and easily!

So, if you feel like you are traveling through your life faster than you can manage and you know you could use some intentional acts of self-care, you’re in the right place. Taking care of yourself is a sacred healing journey and an ongoing practice. One intentional act of SOUL-FULL Self-Care leads to another. Just take it one minute at a time, one day at a time.

Intentional Acts of SOUL-FULL Self-Care:love me

  • Are mindful moments that take one to two minutes to do
  • Bring you back into awareness of the present moment
  • Strengthen you energetically
  • Help ground, center and connect you
  • Help you to be more efficient and effective
  • Are simple and easy to do
  • Are enjoyable
  • Self-care is Self-love!
  • Self-love becomes love in the world!

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